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Courtney Kress

Intermediate Designer

M.Arch | University of Cincinnati

B.Arch | Fairmont State University

Courtney joined the Butler Armsden team straight out of school, after receiving successive bachelor and master’s degrees in architecture at Fairmont State University and University of Cincinnati, respectively.

During school, Courtney had the opportunity to partake in multiple internships at a range of firms small and large; working in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Chicago and San Francisco, before ultimately deciding to come back to San Francisco.

Courtney’s favorite aspect of design is the feeling of connection to a culture while being surrounded by the architecture of that place. Growing up in cities with rich cultural history allowed her to form an understanding of the connection people feel to buildings in their area.

When asked about her favorite architectural buildings, Courtney recalls the day she saw Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” in high school and was moved by his attention to the way humans interact with the built and natural environment. The home continues to be one of her favorite buildings today. In addition, she admires Architect Carlo Scarpa and his meticulous attention to detail in his projects, a few of which she was able to visit on a trip to Venice.