Jen Xu, Designer

Though it's not the fastest way to commute in and out of the city Jen opts to take the Transbay bus into San Francisco from Berkeley so she can catch the sunrise and sunset each day as it reflects on the bay.  She first came to this transcendental mode of transportation as a student at UC Berkeley, crossing the bridge into the city for cultural events sparked in her a desire to work in beautiful San Francisco. Joining the Butler Armsden team in 2015 achieved this goal.

A native of Hunan, China, Jen's already travelled a long way for her education and work but wants to continue the trend and hopes to visit Alaska and explore South America in the future.  When she's not at the office she sometimes returns to campus for lectures or to take advantage of the library, and also enjoys yoga and playing the ukulele in her free time.

Jen takes special care to consider context, history and humanity when designing, and not lose perspective in the (admittedly amazing) software programs that now dominate the architecture industry.  Listening to bands like the XX and drinking the gourmet coffee at the office keep her powered up throughout the work day.