Mia Voevodsky

Intermediate Designer

B.S. Architecture l University of Michigan

Mia graduated from the University of Michigan where she majored in architecture and minored in history of art. After completing two summer internships with us while she was in school, Mia joined the Butler Armsden team permanently in the summer of 2018.

Growing up, Mia moved frequently and split her time between the southwest and west coast. Her exposure to houses of many ages and styles that reflected the mixture of cultures and narratives in these regions led to an interest in how houses are made into homes and how architecture serves as historical record of a culture’s values and sentiments.

Mia is passionate about sustainability and energy reduction and enjoys being able to apply these practices to her work. At the University of Michigan, she took courses in the School of Environment and Sustainability, and completed a permaculture internship at an ashram in Thailand where she lived off the land and constructed buildings out of locally sourced, handmade sun-dried bricks. She is inspired by the mixture of old and new, creative re-use of outdated architecture, and believes anything disposable is wasteful.