Ricardo Rodriguez Enriquez

Intermediate Designer

B.S. Architecture l ITESO University

Ricardo was influenced by architecture at an early age, having grown up in a small town in Mexico surrounded by adobe Haciendas and a beautiful landscape of sugar cane fields, corn fields, and water springs. He attended University of ITESO in Guadalajara, Mexico, a city strongly influenced by Luis Barragan, who lived and studied there.

Before living in the U.S., Ricardo worked as a licensed architect in Mexico at various firms where he collaborated on projects from large to small scale, including high rises, hotels, shopping centers, residential homes, and even did some urban planning. While he was in school, he started a thesis project to protect trees with historic and aesthetic value and build public areas around them in conjunction with the community. His university ended up adopting the project as a class, and he served as adjunct professor.

Ricardo is passionate about designing and building furniture, and photographing architecture in his spare time. He likes experimenting with new building techniques and would like to create his own furniture collection one day.