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Sarah Reyes

Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistant Sarah grew up in Scotts Valley, California, and graduated in the Bay Area with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Menlo College. During the pandemic, she moved to St. Louis, MO to go back to school. There she earned her master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Fontbonne University. While going to school, Sarah was a college athlete and graduate assistant for her university’s softball team. She returned to California shortly before starting her position at Butler Armsden Architects.

In her role as an Administrative Assistant, she applies her team-oriented organization skills to help the Butler Armsden staff. With a background in psychology, management and leadership, Sarah is eager to add and learn more about the functionality of teams from a business and organizational perspective. In her free time, Sarah loves to travel. A recent summer spent in Vienna helped prepare her for navigating the less than intuitive Bay Area public transport system as she commutes to work.