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Nestled into the foothills east of the town of Sonoma, a house rendered in warm materials provides a welcoming and cozy residence for a California family. Approaching the challenge of remodeling a 1930s cabin with haphazard, unplanned additions, Butler Armsden united the spaces around a grand central room, separated into spaces for living and a kitchen and family area. The ceiling of this space is punctuated by four dormers, allowing sunlight to wash into the space while maintaining a homey, cozy scale. Outside, a wrapping porch reinforces this feeling of comfort, shading the interior in the summer to make it possible to enjoy year-round the indoor/outdoor lifestyle made possible by the Sonoma climate. It’s here that the landscape — the sun on grapevines of a local winery to the west, the glint of the bay water, the coast hills beyond — most closely embraces the house.