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Lagoon House

An unusual two-lot property in Stinson Beach is the site of a dramatic horizontal architectural composition that is subtle from the street but opens into view-filled pavilions towards the lagoon and coast range. Painterly strokes of Shou Sugi Ban integrate the fenestration on the street side, and natural landscaping pulls the beach environment into the house from all sides. The large poured concrete fireplace in the living room flanked by twelve foot high corner windows encourages one’s eye away from the houses across the lagoon, and towards the dramatic ridge lines of the coastal range. 

Other materials of the home include cedar siding used both horizontally and vertically, blackened steel C channel that doubles as an overhead track for the large entry barn door, oversized dark aluminum frame windows, and Douglas fir beams that punctuate the living room pavilion. The garden features native plants found where the hills meet the coast, which create a serene environment within the wings of the house.

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Floor plan

Floor Plan


Construction Process

Construction progress showing framing


2900 sq ft


Stinson Beach, CA


Federico Engel

Jason Schmidt

Sarah Herlugson



Joe Fletcher

General Contractor

Gubbins Building

Interior Designer

Monica Cardanini Interior Design

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