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Platinum on the Peninsula

Butler Armsden's second LEED-Platinum home was built on a suburban lot in Menlo Park. Particular care was taken with the composition of the facade as it faces directly onto a cross street and is visible on the nearly quarter mile approach. The house is a collection of three pavilions situated quite closely to one another. The primary bedroom and library pavilion are accessed from a bridge at the second floor, which floats through a two-story space capturing light from the east. The style of the house reflects the variety of architectural styles found in the California suburbs today. It recalls the original Spanish heritage of the area, but also makes reference to the mid-century tradition of the Eichler subdivision houses, and includes a subtle wink to Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Floor Plans

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Construction Details

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3000 sq ft


Menlo Park, CA



Matthew Millman

General Contractor

Moderna Homes

Interior Designer

Butler Armsden Architects

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