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Buena Vista Park Residence

On a hill in the center of San Francisco, our client’s bold tastes blend with a century-old site producing a dynamic family home. Influenced strongly by the allure of a bold single living space that would open to the outdoors and the surrounding view, the design team went all in, blending varying materials, textures, finishes, and colors. Plush brown leather, soft walnut, and brushed copper subtly contrast lighter wood furnishings and bright, white walls. Vintage mid-century modern furniture as a growing art collection create a continuously curated interior. The combined four rooms on the main floor transform the house into a single soaring space for gatherings, and brings a family of six together, along with their many friends and relatives. A wall of accordion doors leads to an ample deck with views of Golden Gate Park, avenues, and the Pacific Ocean beyond. The primary bedroom occupies a top floor loft-like space, which can also be used for smaller gatherings. This is a brave design that provides a new architectural home type enjoyed by a truly modern family.

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Special Feature

The architects reused the original 1906 stair hall chandelier as a subtle memory of the original architecture.

Before and After

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5500 sq ft


San Francisco, CA


Dave Sturm

Glenda Flaim

Awards + Recognition



Patrik Argast

General Contractor

GGD Inc.

Interior Designer

Butler Armsden Architects

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