Chandra Campbell



Chandra Campbell, CFO

Chandra has worked at Butler Armsden Architects since 1999. She earned her BA in Industrial Design, and enjoys being surrounded by creative people, art and design. She has managed small businesses for over 18 years, and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her experience, coupled with her passion for organization and management, and an affinity for Quickbooks and Excel, make her well equipped for her role as CFO at Butler Armsden.

In addition to serving as CFO, Chandra finds order in chaos acting as HR/operations manager, IT coordinator and contract manager. When she’s not crunching numbers, Chandra enjoys playing Legos with her sons.

For the past nine years she has helped Butler Armsden lead as a top-fundraiser for LEAP’s Annual Sandcastle Contest raising nearly $265,000 for arts education programs in the Bay Area.