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Chandra Campbell


B.A. Industrial Design | San Francisco State University

Chandra has been with Butler Armsden Architects since 1999. She earned her B.A. in Industrial Design at San Francisco State University. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, running small businesses comes naturally and intuitively to Chandra. With her father’s long-standing I.T. business and assisting with her stepmother’s catering company, Chandra was exposed to innovation and the importance of organization, forming her strong work ethic early on.

While her maternal mother, grandmother and aunt are all oil painters, Chandra wanted to go to school to study art but her practical side called her to industrial design. At SFSU, she learned about designing in different materials, which fueled her creative and analytical interests and exposed her to the process of design and drafting, deepening her understanding of Butler Armsden. While in college, Chandra worked here at Butler Armsden as the office manager. Upon graduation, she had a choice to make - follow the path she paved in the design field and leave the firm she had grown to love or chose to stay. Chandra, of course, stayed and has never once regretted it. Shortly after, Chandra became the firm’s CFO. For the last 21 years, Chandra had been Lewis’s “right hand” in running Butler Armsden. Today she continues to run the firm alongside her leadership team, loving every minute of it.

Chandra is also the Lewis W. Butler Foundation’s Treasurer and Founding Director along with Catherine Armsden, Elena Butler, and Tobias Butler. Chandra enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, enjoying the beauty of California, as well as traveling to far away places, like Iceland and Japan.