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Joseph Wrigley

Senior Technical Architect

B.Arch | Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Licensed Architect in CA | 1999

Joe grew up in Eureka, California, and received his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1995. He has been an integral member of the Butler Armsden team since 2012, designing and managing projects ranging from a Seacliff kitchen remodel to a carriage house with a unique 15’ wide lot, to a 10,000 sq. ft. home meant to last 700 years. With an acute attention to detail, Joe has an aptitude for ensuring the intricacies of each of his projects come together smoothly and efficiently.

Before joining Butler Armsden, Joe worked for several firms including Studios Architecture and Larick Alan Hill, and also independently as an architect. His diverse resume includes retail, corporate offices, and high-end residential remodels and new homes. At Butler Armsden, Joe appreciates that the work is highly specialized for the individual client, creating distinctive experiences and challenges for each project.

Pursuing architecture was a natural choice for Joe, who grew up with an affinity for art and building things, but was equally good at math and science. He believes 80% of architecture is communicating ideas to clients, coworkers and city agencies via writing, drawings, and conversations, while the rest is design and figuring out how to actually make the building come to fruition.

Joe is inspired by Florentine Renaissance Architect, Brunelleschi, for his perfect proportions; Joe Esherick for his great use of natural lighting; and Carlos Scarpa for his ability to flawlessly combine existing old with modern.