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Cory Peterman

Senior Designer

B.Arch | California Polytechnic State University

Cory grew up in a remote part of California, nine miles outside of a small gold mining town. His design influence derives from the surrounding historic vernacular mining and logging buildings which were built with local materials. These building's forms were shaped by their functions and the existing landscape, and were built to be durable.

While five generations of his family before him were gold miners, Cory’s affinity for creative pursuits such as art, music and architecture led him to deviate from the family tradition. He attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, where he received his B.Arch in 2019.

Cory has an extensive background in historic building methods and hands-on construction. He has photographed, measured, and documented the remnants of Gold Rush-era ghost towns, participated in the hands-on renovation of many historic structures, provided research for several National Register of Historic Places nominations, and regularly writes history articles for various publications.