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Josh Riek

Junior Project Manager

M.Arch | University of South Florida

Josh grew up in Tampa, Florida and attended school at the University of South Florida, where he received his M.Arch. After school, he worked at WRNS Studio doing educational, tenant improvement, and healthcare projects. He joined Butler Armsden in the Summer of 2020.

While in school, Josh found that he was drawn to a large range of styles and aesthetics. If he noticed himself beginning to repeat a certain design language, his next project would be something totally and wildly different. Josh’s exploration certainly paid off because he received an award for his grad school thesis, and portions of his portfolios have been published in textbooks.

Josh appreciates that architecture is a challenging and ever-changing profession and he is inspired by contextual architecture – the idea that a building gives a sense of belonging to its place and celebrates the environment. He believes that it helps people become strongly attuned with their surroundings and develop a deep connection with nature, which contributes to higher quality and wealth of life.

In his free time, Josh loves learning and exploring new hobbies. He plays guitar, keyboard, and dabbles in electronic music. He can be found running, hiking, or at the ocean when not at home.